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Germs, Biological Weapons and America's Secret War

Published 2002

Guest: Miller, Judith
Theme: Current Events

Run time 28:00
Producer The Open Mind
Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: randomarchivist - - December 16, 2005
Subject: Judith Miller as biological weapon.
Judith "the Weasle" Miller uses her best scare tatics to "terrify" us all over a supposed enemy who is cooking up bio-weapons. This sassy leather clad woman whips us continually with her "concerns" about bio-warfare. She hits us with statements like "...had they [Osama] had them [bio weapons], they wouldn't have hesitated to use them on 9/11."

Had he had Judith like Bush had Judith, I'm certain Osama would have used her on us to devistating effect.

Judith Miller, striking terror in the hearts of the heartland. This is a good watch people. Knowing what we know about her now, this is an interesting interview.
Reviewer: rexrobards - - September 4, 2005
Subject: Anthrax Attacks
In this clip, Judith Miller reminds us that the Bush Administration dedicated $10 billion to germ warfare research in their first year in office and that the Anthrax letters that were sent through the USPS shortly after 9/11/2001 were sent only to Democrats and critics of the Bush administration.
Although Judith did receive a fake Anthrax letter that had apparently been mailed from the same Florida location, and addressed in the same handwriting as the real Anthrax letters that killed several people in Florida and Washington, her letter actually contained only finely milled talcum powder. Since the real letters were sent to politicians and news organizations who were actually critical of the Bush administration, while Judith later lent her support to Bush's false claims about WMDs in Iraq, we might wonder whether Judy's Anthrax letter was only sent as a warning or was it only intended to distract attention from the fact that all of the real letters were sent to Bush's critics. If the fake letter was intended as a warning, did Judy succumb to blackmail in her later comments about the Bush administration and their phony justification for war?
Reviewer: nu b - - October 22, 2004
Subject: she sold some books
A New York times pulitzer prize winning reporter looking to cash in on book sales and plug the Bush administration for money "thrown" towards the efforts of preventing bio terrorism in the USA.

Reviewer: oldhag - - August 27, 2004
Subject: Judith Miller - - Innacurate Reporter of Plant's
Judith Miller is how Bush/Cheney were able to justify Iraq war by planting stories in the New York times, the paper of record in the United States. She has not had to answer for her mis-reporting done that allowed Bush/Cheney to justify the Iraq war. At this time she could have investigated the allegations of WMD and her infamous "the smoking gun may come in the form of a mushroom cloud" statement made regarding Iraq. She never verified any of the information which was planted in the times by Bush/Cheney to justify invasion of Iraq.
Reviewer: Framan - - July 27, 2004
Subject: I would have preferred more detail
The interview was professional but I felt it was lacking in detail. There is a lot of information readily available about Bio-Warefare. Almost none of it was discussed.

If you are looking for information then I suggest looking elsewhere.
Reviewer: Apologia4Steven - - March 21, 2004
Subject: Very interesting eye opener!
I found this review very interesting. Specially that it came from a
New York times journalist. She is very credible, sharp, cunning and brings to light
things about the Bush presidency which are not known to many of his
supporters. I certainly see G.W Bush even more qualified for an other
term in the Whitehouse.

Worth the 28 minutes of time youÃÂÃÂll spend watching.
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